1. Are the products really all natural?

A. Yes, all our products are made of organic all natural ingredients. Our vendors are carefully selected after weeks of researching and process of elimination. Our oils are all organic and the butters are unrefined to preserve the natural aroma and benefits.

2. Can I use the products on my daughter's hair?

A. Yes. I damaged my hair badly in my early twenties and didn't want my daughter to experience the same. So after creating my own products and seeing the benefits for years, I decided to launch Oh Jassy Curls and named it after my daughter, Ojasvi. I have been using OJC in her hair since she was 8 months. She is now 4 years old and her hair is flourishing.

3. I am allergic to nuts, can I still use your products? 

A. Our products are made with natural ingredients including herbs and seeds. Although, our products do not have nuts in them, the vendors and farms may also process nuts. Oh Jassy Curls is not liable to any allergic reactions and urge all customers to do a patch test before use.

4. Can I use your products on my braids in protective styles?

A. Yes, our products can be used on all hair types including locs, braids etc. If you have a protective style in, using our hair oils will keep your hair nourished and scalp clean. Our buttercreams are perfect for twist outs and braids as well. A scoop of buttercream rubbed on a loc will secure the moisture it needs. 

5. Can I use your products on my boyfriend's hair?

A. Yes, our products will work on men as well. My husband only uses OJC in his hair and also rub our Ayurogrow Hair Growth Oil on his beard. Our products were made for all natural black hair.